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Functions of NRI CELL

  1. Shall be the coordinating agency to receive and process all the complaints related to Indian Women deserted by their Overseas Indian husbands.
  2. Shall render all possible assistance to the complaints including conciliation, mediation between the parties and advising the complainant on related issues.
  3. Associating, networking with NGO's ,community organizations in India and abroad and State women Commissions for wider area coverage, so as to facilitate easy reach and provide support services.
  4. Shall endeavor towards a coordinated response amongst various Government agencies/organizations such as State Governments, The National Human Rights Commission, Indian Embassies and Mission, concerned Ministries etc.
  5. Providing assistance to the aggrieved woman in litigation and other issues pertaining to the complainant/case.
  6. Shall maintain a data bank record of cases registered.
  7. Seek reports from the State Government and other authorities on the complaints filed and action taken thereon.
  8. Shall advice and recommend the government on any policy or issue relating to the NRI marriages.
  9. Analyse various legal treaties on the issue and advice the Government on the subject, wherever required.
  10. Shall constitute a ADVISORY COMMITTEE panel of reputed advocates/NGOs, both in India as well as abroad, which shall periodically review the functioning of the cell, cases filed and policy issues.
  11. Shall constitute a panel of experts (All India) to assist the aggrieved wife and rendering legal services and other assistance , including mediation and conciliation
  12. Planning of training modules & carrying out training on sensitization on the subject to the various agencies entrusted with the task of providing justice, vig. Judiciary, police, administration, etc.
  13. Shall carry out awareness campaigns for the masses on the issue. For this, all the available media services would be utilized by the cell.
  14. Shall encourage /support research and study in the related field like issues of grievances associated with dual citizenship, enactment of new legislation or signing of international treaties ,marriage laws of other countries ,etc .
  15. Shall look into complaints and take suo-moto notice on any issue brought to the notice of the NRI Cell in accordance with Section 10 (1)(f) of the National Commission for Women Act , 1990 read with sub-section 4 of Section 10 and Section 8 of the Act.
  16. The cell shall regulate its own procedures in accordance with the National Commission for Women Act 1990 
  17. Perform any other function as assigned to it by the Commission/Central Government.