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Ministry of Home Affairs had constituted an Expert Group comprising of the official/academicians from NSCS, Ministry of Home Affairs, CDAC Cert-In, Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Science and IT experts to study the gaps and challenges, prepare a roadmap for effectively taking of Cyber Crime in the country and give suitable recommendations to take effective measures to prevent crime against women and children and create awareness in the society about these issues.Accordingly, a scheme for Cyber Crime Prevention against Women and Children (CCWC) has been formulated by the Ministry of Home Affairs.The proposed scheme was examined by NCW.

Some of the inputs put forth by the Commission were as below:

  • Online Women specific Crime Reporting Unit -Interlink with NCW should be made in such a manner that if a woman wants to make a complaint about cybercrime to NCW, it should be sent to MHA Crime Reporting Unit with acknowledgement to NCW and a copy to the complainant. It will encourage quick disposal of the complaints that too with the assistance of the IT professionals
  • Monitoring Unit for Cyber Crimes-Monitoring unit should provide monthly reports on the complaints received through NCW
  • National Forensic Laboratory-Investigations of crime against women are delayed due to pending reports from forensic laboratories so NCW agreed to it.
  • Capacity Building-It should include capacity building of protection officers appointed under Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

The suggested recommendations were sent to the ministry of Women and Child development for further necessary action.