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Digital Literacy and Online Safety Programme

The National Commission for Women has, in collaboration with the Facebook and Cyber Peace Foundation (a civil society organisation based in Ranchi, Jharkhand involved in training related to all aspects of cyber security), initiated a 'Digital Literacy Programme' for college/ university students. The programme seeks promoting digital literacy for women including the precautions that can be taken; raising awareness about cyber crimes; and advising the users about the resources available to women; to prevent the problems and also how to handle such crimes. The "Digital Literacy and Online Safety Programme" aims to train 60,000 women in universities across major cities of India regarding safe use of internet, social media and email that will enable them to differentiate between the credible and questionable information available online. The programme, in its initial phase, is o to cover the states of Punjab, Manipur, Haryana, Meghalaya, Delhi-NCR, Sikkim, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The program was launched on 18th June, 2018 at Punjab University, Chandigarh in the presence of Hon'ble Governor of Haryana.