A Meeting on Feminist Jurisprudence was held by the National Commission for women on the 31st of October and 1st November.

From the deliberations made on the first day of the meeting, the participants attending, were divided into two groups for devising the curriculum outline for L.L.B. and L.L. M. respectively.

This division was made purely on imitative and interest.

The group deciding the course outline for LLB was chaired by Prof. Pam Rajput and consisted of various luminaries and activists like, Dr. Chandrakala Padia, Dr. V.S. Elizabeth, Ms. Ruchira Goswami, Dr. Rekha Pande, Prof. Damayanti Gupta, Ms. Jyotika Kalra, Ms. Vinamrata Rani, Dr. Manjit Bhatia, Ms. Meenakshi Rani.

It was strongly felt that the introduction of a course on feminist jurisprudence must be at the LLB level as this was a stage,. Where students could 'unlearn' what has been traditionally inherited by them, in thought and conduct. It was agreed by the group that, as the course was being designed for students at the LLB level, it needed to be dealt with in a mature but compact manner and thus it must be contained in water tight compartments.

It was also proposed that the introduction of the course on Feminist Jurisprudence, in case of 5 year integrated LLB course should be done at the 4th year and it the case of 3 year courses the course should be introduced in the 3rd year.

Apart from laying down a broad framework of the course content the distinguished panel deliberated upon the adoption of an effective methodology for the implementation of the curriculum.

In furtherance of the above, it was agreed that every member of the group would research on their respective area of expertise and this spectrum of research would be amalgamated into a prescribed book, which would be the culmination of a series of workshops, conducted in December, for the furtherance of this purpose.

A committee, consisting of Dr. Rekha Pande, Dr. Chandrakala Padia, Prof. Damayanti Gupta was set up to devise the bibliography for the curriculum.

Dr. V.S. Elizabeth was appointed as the coordinator of the Group deciding the LLB curriculum.

Meenakshi Rani and Vinamrata Rani were nominated by the group, to supplement the workshop with adequate case laws and case studies.

* Course Curriculum devised has been added as ANNEXURE - I

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